Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dexter Season 4 Finale

The Dexter Season 4 finale left everyone on shock and awe. There are mixed feeling about this episode, for sure, but I think it was probably a good decision to kill Rita off. Don't get me wrong, Rita was great, but the story needed a change and Dexter's character can be developed even more. Season 4 had some great twists and turns, but I can't wait for season 5!

Do you like how Season 4 ended?

Survivor - Heroes vs. Villains

So, the new season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is being premiered on February 11, 2010. I am really psyched about it! I think Russell Hantz should be on the show for sure! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Who do you want to appear on the show?

Survivor Samoa Finale - Natalie White beat the Best Villain of all-time!

If you were watching Survivor Samoa, I bet you were just as shocked as everyone else when the winner was announced. When Natalie White won the title of Sole Survivor, my jaw dropped and was stuck in that position for about 5 minutes. The most hated and most loved Survivor Villain of all-time, Russell Hantz, was sure he was going to claim the prize. He looked so choked-up after the votes were read, that I just wanted to give him a big ol' hug. In my opinion, Russell should have won, hands-down! Has anyone else in Survivor history found immunity idols before clues were given? No! Has anyone else played the game more beautifully? I think not. He said, "I believe I can create chaos!" and that he did.

So, what are your thoughts? If you could have voted, whose name would you have written down? Were you disappointed with the outcome?

Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan - Amazing Race Rumors

Big Brother 11's cutest couple, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, were seen at the Los Angeles Airport wearing matching apparel and backpacks. It does look like they are waiting for a flight on the Amazing Race, but no one knows for sure.
What do you think? Do you think they are on the Amazing Race? Would you watch if they were? I know that I would have one big ol' grin on my face if it was true!

Photo Credit: Danielle Varey/Twitpic